Episode 14 - Ned is an Onion with Cassie Soliday

December 5th, 2018

Hope you didn't get piss jitters waiting for this episode, piemakers! This week on Pushing Daisies, we're checking out season 2 episode 5 "Dim Sum, Lose Sum" with our giggly pal, script coordinator, freelance writer, and inspiration to everyone Cassie Soliday. We hope you get some crinkly-tinklies listening to this episode as we discuss ASMR, the many themes of shame and healing, and NED'S BIG FAMILY OF MAGIC BOYS (including MAGIC TWINS).

Headsup: We get into a conversation about stereotyping and cultural appropriation. We're definitely not experts on the subject and thank you for your patience as we navigate it together on today's episode. 

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